Saturday, February 16, 2008

Owen has the flu.....

Owen loves to sit in the wiggles chair. Aidan's Aunt Dottie bought that chair for him on his first birthday. Owen brings it in whatever room he want to be in and plops himself down in it. Owen went to the doctor, and he has the flu. You can tell by looking at him that he does not feel well. He would go from sitting in the chair, to wanting to lay in daddy or mommy's lap.

He would climb up in our lap, and we could feel the heat permeating out of his skin. He was miserable. When we gave him Motrin, he would get energy and act like he was not sick.

It was almost bed time, so Aidan was going to take a bath. Owen walked in there and went head first into the tub. All we could hear was Aidan saying, "Uh Oh..Mommy Owen fell in!" Shane and I ran in there to find Owen fully clothed and playing in the water with his brother. Aidan likes the water hot, so Owen was surprised. However, Owen was not in any hurry to get out.

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