Friday, March 21, 2008

Athens Fish Hatchery....

Aidan loves fish. Last year, when I was huge pregnant with Owen the Wyatt's took Aidan to the fish hatchery in Athens. I decided to stay home. This year we all decided to go. However, Shane and Owen were not able to go because Owen had to go have a sonogram of his ankle. At his birthday party we noticed he had a bump on his ankle. We took him to the doctor, and he sent us for a sonogram. Shane stayed home to take him to the doctor, but I decided to still go with Aidan. We did not want to let him down. The doctor sent us to an orthopedic surgeon, but he said it is just a cyst. He told us to keep an eye on it and come back in 6 months. Thanks God that is all it is!
Aidan, Dini, Donna, Robert and I had a great time. We walked the trails, watched the live feeding, and Aidan even got to fish. He only lasted about 5 minutes before he got bored and decided to play with ants. =) That's my boy!!! When we left there we went an ate pizza at Gatti's. It was a fun filled, hot, fun day!
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