Sunday, November 9, 2008

Girl's Night Out at the Maverick's Game....

Shane has season tickets to the Dallas Mavericks, but tonight he could not go. We actually have 4 seats, so Angie, Elsa, Erin and I went. It was so fun! We rode the train....going was uneventful, but the train ride home was hilarious. There was a drunk guy there that was fighting with his wife. He was sitting right behind me. Evidently, the fighting made him a little sick to his stomach, because he had some of the loudest, smelliest gas you could imagine. He literally leaned up and farted (I hate that word) so loudly that everyone in our train car heard it. Then came the smell...OMG! It was awful. As if it wasn't bad enough that people we coming through our car making a sour face, he did it again! Someone actually walked through our car and said, "Ewww Somebody done boo booed in here." At that point our whole car began laughing so hard. The man then said, "Everybody do it!" It was one of those things that is probably funny because we were there, but I still laugh telling that story.
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Loren Linn Webb said...

Love, love, love this story. I am cracking up now after reading it. HILARIOUS !!

Also .. thanks for finally updating. :)

Love ya !!