Saturday, September 20, 2008

Harvest Moon Festival....

Papa invited us to go to the Asian market for their Harvest Moon Festival. We were definitely a minority there. It was very interesting to see how they celebrate the Harvest Moon. Shane saw a few of his students, and they were surprised to see him there. Papa and I took this picture in front of Buddha and I put my hand on his belly. It was really funny.

In the pictures below we are eating. I really ventured out, and ordered chicken fried rice. =) Papa and Elsa decided to try some dried baby crab. I was gagging, so of course I did not try them. They are so brave! Both said it was crunchy....YUCK!!

After we ate we went outside to see the dragon parade. The boys were restless, so Elsa went inside and bought them some swords to play with. Papa bought them some of those poppers, and they had a blast. After waiting around for the parade for 1 hour, we decided it was time to go to Sonic for a junior banana split. Now that is something I would eat! The festival was fun, and it was very interesting to walk through the market place. They had some very interesting stuff in there.

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