Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Loves of my life....


Dottie said...

Sooo...I thought I would be considered one of the loves of your life also little sister!
OK..You reeled me in and I broke down and made my very own blog. Now there is only 1 post so far but HEY you never know...I just may end liking this stuff!
Oh and I'm thinking that you are going to have to give me the 411 on how u do the scrapbooking thing-a-ma-bob on ur page! I LOVE it!
Love u Mandy!!!
Miss u like crazy!

Dottie said...

OK..So I found a neat Scrapbook site all by myself but I still like ur stuff better ... so give it up sista!
Where ya doing urs?
And yes..we are together...someday when u have time...and we will need a LOT of it I will fill you in on EVERYTHING...it's been preety hectic here...lots to tell.
Luv u little sister of mine!