Friday, October 3, 2008

Playroom Visitor....

Dini, Callie, Aidan and Owen were all playing one Friday night. The girls like to come and entertain the boys, Shane and I sure don't mind. =) The kids were getting too loud, so I told them to go to the playroom. When Dini opened the door a little "something" ran across the floor. Dini screamed, and then the fun began. I am terrified of rats, big, little, it does not matter. I was standing on a chair giving orders to the kids. Dini and Callie grabbed swords. Aidan went and put on his Rex Halloween costume. He was right in the middle of the action. Owen was just jumping around and following Aidan like he knew what he was doing. Shane was at a softball game, so I told Dini to call her dad. She called and he said, "No Way!" He is also afraid of rats, so Donna came to the rescue. At first she said, just open the doors, and the rat will eventually go out. At that point I said, "No Way! I have to see the it leave." Donna knew I was being silly, but serious. She stayed until she finally got the rat out. We, Donna chasing it and me on the chair, scared that rat to death. It was terrified. It was running all over the place while still staying hidden behind the toys. Finally, Donna trapped it in the jog stroller. The girls picked it up and put it in the back yard. When the rat finally got away, it was scared to death. The playroom was clean, but not after this fiasco.

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