Monday, October 13, 2008

Special Thanks to Katie for the new blog look....

I have had tons of comments to me about my new blog look. If you like it please go to and tell her I sent you. She does great work, and is VERY quick and helpful. =) I searched a ton of sights that will do an overhaul on my blog, but they were all very expensive and booked until March. I had previously bought some digital kits from her, so I decided to see if she would be interested. I told her I wanted blues and browns and Queen of My Castle..and this is what she came up with. I LOVE IT! She is still making me a blog header with no pictures, and I will add that soon. I think I like the updated pictures on the side rather than on the blog header, but I told her that after she did all the other work. Email her at the address above and tell her what you would like, and she will email you a price. =)

She also sells digital kits for $1.50, and they are some of the best ones I have seen. The kits are awesome! I have not used any yet because I purchased some Halloween and Fall ones, but I will put them up soon. Check out her blog..
Each kit comes with so much you could make an entire book out of them.

Tell her I sent you because I want to get her some business! She is a stay at home mom who just decided to start her own business.

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