Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July Fun.....

We began our morning with the Arlington parade. This is our second year to go, and it is great! Elsa has some friends who take their travel trailer out there, so we have access to a restroom. Always a good thing with children. Some of our friends went with us, Angie, Steve, Grayson, Tracie, Bill, Noah, and Elsa. We got there about 8:30, and since the parade did not start until 9:00, we decided to walk to 7-11. What better to buy that early than ice cream. We went for some slurpees, but the machine had not frozen the drinks yet. Go figure! Fear not, because they had already had sausage rolls, thanks to Elsa. It was so hot! Aidan was running around playing with Vincent and Noah, but Owen sat in Elsa's lap the whole time. Owen is a very busy boy, so he must have been very interested in the parade.

From the parade we went to Nanny and JoJo's house for our family reunion. Nanny invited everyone to come over and enjoy some brisket, hot dogs, and hamburgers with all the fixings. It was great to see the family
again. Our last reunion was 2 years ago, so it was time for another. =)

JoJo bought Aidan a small pool to play in when he was little. Owen LOVES it too! Owen strips down to his diaper and away he goes. Owen got a hold of the hose, and was soaking anyone who came close. He was so cute with that little mischievous grin. Everyone says Owen will make me pay for my raising, but Mom and Papa always say I was easy. Maybe Owen is making Shane pay for his raising. =) Either way it is a good thing God made Owen so CUTE!

These are some of my favorite pictures. The first one is on my Aunt Billie. Aunt Billie and Uncle JD have been so good to me. They never had children of their own, so I am like their daughter and granddaughter in one. They love Aidan and Owen too! They call them their grand babies, and show off pictures of them when ever they get a chance. And the other picture does not need any explanation.....Owen would not sleep when I held him, but you can sure see the comfort when he is with his JoJo.

We decided to go home and take rests. Aidan no longer likes to nap (so he says), although his mommy does. Aidan says he is just going to rest, but about 2 hours later he wakes up refreshed. That evening we went to a little spot where we could see the fireworks, but not be in the middle of the congestion when it is over. We got there at 9, but the show did not start until 9:30, so the kids lit some sparklers and had a blast! We watched the fireworks with our great friends and neighbors, Donna, Robert and Dini. Aidan was more interested in fixing the road and talking to the traffic, but he did catch a few fireworks. Needless to say, we all slept really well that night! It was an extremely busy day, but I loved every minute of it!

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