Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bad things happen to good people....

Ok, going back to this time last year....I got a student teacher, Loren. She was a student at DBU graduating in December. We hit it off right off. We had a great time teaching together. She is a natural! She loves the kids, and they love her. Loren was with me and a first grade teacher. When she graduated she began subbing, mostly at Brockett. Then in March or April our ESL teacher moved, so Loren took her place. She did an awesome job! She did not really know what was going on, but she jumped in with both feet and figured it out. We kind of had a secret plan because we knew Julie was going to go part time the next year, so that left a spot open on our team. YEAH!!!! She was a perfect fit. She already knew everything there was to know, so we would not have to spend weeks "teaching" her. rewind to last Tuesday....our principal called us all into the library to announce that we were losing one teacher per grade level and two on second! We were devastated! I did not know what to say. The teacher I had "groomed" since last year was finally on our team and now she was moving. The last person hired on each grade level is the one who has to leave. Loren sat next to me crying her eyes out, and all I could do was say I was sorry. She knew God had a plan for her, but couldn't it be a Brockett? =) That evening she worked on taking her room apart. She had spent weeks up there making it look great, and now was going to move it to another classroom across town. I walked in the school on Wednesday and saw she had taken down her bulletin board. I walked in her room and cried, and I am not much of a crier. She had taken the whole move very well, but it SUCKS! She had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to get her new room ready. She will begin with new students on Tuesday. Loren is so efficient, she was ready for kids on Thursday afternoon! She took her room apart, moved her stuff, and got her new room ready in less than 3 day! Brockett is sure losing a great teacher, and Sheppard is gaining one!

Loren, you are an awesome teacher! You will do great wherever you are. Your faith in God is so refreshing to me. God does have a plan, and He will reveal it to you in His own time. It will take more than you changing school to keep us from one another. Thanks for your friendship! Love ya Webblo!

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Loren Linn Webb said...

Thank you Mandy !! I am so blessed that God matched me up with you last year. Thanks for being an awesome friend and encourager. Love you !!