Sunday, August 31, 2008


Shane and I helped Tracie and Bill paint their new house on Friday night. Well, Shane and Bill did most of it, but I did actually do a few walls. =) Tracie and I came home to a hot house around 9:30....our air was not working. We had a house full of 8 people, and it was HOT! Fortunately the ac people came Saturday and fixed it. They also charged us for a part we just replace, but that is for another post. We got up early Saturday morning and helped them move their stuff. Moving is so awful, but thankfully we had lots of help. THANKS to the Wyatt's and Latham's for helping. Bill got called in to work for a mandatory work day, so we frantically began trying to find help. The Latham's and Wyatt's were willing to help, and we were willing to let them. =) Thankfully, Bill went to work and they had enough people, so he got to come home. YEAH!!! So we began moving about 9 and were done with the big stuff by 4:30! Shane and I came home, showered, and headed off to Grams and Pawpaw's for a birthday celebration. We were exhausted when we got home! Boy did I sleep well. Welcome to the neighborhood Bill and Tracie!

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Stephanie said...

Wow, I didn't even know they had sold their house and bought one in your neighborhood so quickly! Yes, moving sucks!